2024 Election

Favorability of Ron DeSantis 05/29 | FiveThirtyEight Unfavorable 44 +6, Favorable 38 +6
2024 Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus 05/29 | RealClearPolitics Trump 48 +23, DeSantis 25, Heley 5 +23
2024 Republican presidential nomination 05/29 | Smarkets Trump 68 +42, DeSantis 26, Heley 3, Scott 2 +42
2024 US Presidential Winner 05/28 | Smarkets Biden 39 +11, Trump 28, DeSantis 13 +11
Latest Trump indictment could help him in the 2024 GOP primary but not in the general election, analysts say

WASHINGTON WATCH Former President Donald Trump is due to surrender Tuesday in Miami after his indictment last week in a classified-documents case. What does this case mean for the 2024 White House race,

Meet the 2024 presidential election candidates: These Democrats and Republicans are running

The 2024 election cycle has kicked off. Though Election Day is over a year away, the race is well under way.  President Joe Biden announced he will seek another term, and with former President Donald Trump's hat also in the ring,

Election Conspiracies Shaped 2020 and Will Return in 2024 — Here’s What to Know

Those lies still hang over us nearly three years later, as we inch closer to the 2024 race where Trump hopes to reclaim the spot as commander in chief, even as he becomes the first current or former president ever charged with a crime.

Your Guide to the 2024 Election

A Republican showdown is set to dominate the early months of the election cycle.

YouTube reverses 2020 election misinformation policy ahead of 2024

The platform began enforcing its policy surrounding election integrity after the states’ safe harbor date for certification had passed and stopped enforcing it Friday. ONE QUESTION FOR TRUMP COULD DETERMINE THE RACE FOR THE 2024 GOP NOMINATION "In the ...

Republicans set debate rules, creating hurdles for long-shots in 2024 primary election

The Republican National Committee on Friday announced relatively stringent limits on who can participate in the first 2024 presidential primary debate, posing a potential challenge for several long-shot contenders.

2024 Election: Here's who's running for president

U.S. presidential race is ramping up, with Republican candidates launching campaigns for the party's nomination to take on Democrat President Joe Biden. Here's a rundown of candidates who have announced so far.

Meet the 2024 presidential election candidates: These Democrats and Republicans are running

It's already election season again in America, and the 2024 presidential contest is well underway. Meet the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Steve Bannon: MAGA Can't Allow "Traditional Republican Controlled Opposition" To Kick Debt Limit To After 2024 Election

"War Room" host Steve Bannon calls on Republicans in Congress not to support Speaker McCarthy's deal to push the next debt limit fight back to 2025 STEVE BANNON: Wade's analysis [below this text] is perfect.

Watch: House Republicans Brief Press On Deal Pushing Next Debt Ceiling Battle To After 2024 Election

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the GOP's negotiating team held a press conference Sunday morning about a tentative "agreement in principle" on a two-year appropriations bill with the Biden administration,

Election 2024 GOP Diversity

FILE - Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley smiles while taking a question from the audience during a campaign gathering, Wednesday, May 24, 2023, in Bedford, N.H.

Triad legislators split on importance of abortion restrictions on 2024 legislative election

Abortion restrictions will be the defining issue of the 2024 general election in North Carolina. Or, it won’t. Those are the perspectives expressed — as expected along party lines — by Forsyth and Guilford County legislators following the controversial passage of Republican-sponsored Senate Bill 20 and the successful override of Democratic Gov.

Will 2024 be America’s A.I. election?

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence technology are making it easier than ever to create convincing – and entirely fake – videos, images and sound. And that’s raising concerns about how A.I. could potentially disrupt the upcoming U.