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Multiple North Texas organizations heading east to help those impacted by storms

The affected areas extend east to Louisiana, and as far west as Grand Saline, Texas—impacting nursing homes and medical facilities.

7th air quality alert of 2023 issued for Juneteenth as unhealthy smog levels return to KC

This is the seventh ozone alert issued for Kansas City’s air quality this year. All but one were issued in the past two weeks.

Mothers accused of harming their babies are turning to the same science that freed Kathleen ...

Kathleen Folbigg had her first child at 21, and like most new moms kept a diary of the times her baby fed, slept, burped and bathed.

An eating disorder chatbot that gave harmful advice was taken offline. Now it’s coming back.

National Eating Disorders Association's chatbot Tessa misses red flags and congratulates people for starvation goals.

Loneliness hurts not just men's mental health — it may hurt their bones, too, study suggests

A study from the Maine Health Institute for Research in Scarborough, Maine, suggests that social isolation in men may be bad not just for their mental health — but for their bone health as well.

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans report problems with their health coverage

But first …  Americans with both private and public coverage report challenges with their health insurance Nearly 6 in 10 Americans report experiencing at least one problem with their health insurance in the past year,

Jewish Family Services celebrates 75 years

Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans is celebrating its platinum jubilee with a brunch gala from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 25 at The Ritz-Carlton, 921 Canal

Multiple cases of gastro illness caused by parasite under investigation in Alabama: What to ...

Health officials in Alabama re investigating multiple reports of Cyclosporiasis, a gastrointestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite. The state has seen an increase in the number of infections since April and with more than twice as many cases reported this year than in 2022,

Woman says she was forced to travel for an abortion despite her fetus's fatal condition

Heather Maberry's unborn child was diagnosed with anencephaly -- a fatal condition -- at 20 weeks. But she was forced to travel for an abortion due to Kentucky's ban.

Cancer rates are climbing among young people. It’s not clear why

Vanessa Chapoy had just turned 24 when she felt the lump in her breast. It was “huge,” she remembers, “like the size of a walnut, or a big marble.” She went to the first in a series of doctors

Few rehab centers for addicted teens offer recommended medicine, US study finds

Only 1 in 4 residential treatment centers for teens offers a recommended medicine for opioid addiction, according to a study that exposes an important gap in care. Posing as an aunt or uncle seeking help for a fictitious 16-year-old who survived a fentanyl overdose,

Reigning Miss Cicero on a mission to improve mental health in Latinx community

Natalie Baeza has made a career out of this issue, working as a mental health counselor at MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn.

North America's first known case of a rabid moose confirmed in western Alaska

A moose in western Alaska has tested positive for rabies in the first apparent case of a rabid moose in North America, state game officials said. Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials began receiving reports of a moose acting aggressively toward people in the community of Teller,

Woman starts knocking inside coffin during her wake: 'Gave us all a fright'

Bella Montoya's family had a wake four hours after she was declared dead and returned her to a hospital for treatment as soon as they confirmed she was still alive.

Pfizer warns FDA of shrinking penicillin supply

The ongoing drug shortages impacting the U.S. are now threatening to exhaust two commonly used forms of penicillin, Pfizer said in a warning to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday.

What the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion means for women's health and well-being: 4 ...

Aside from the political and legal implications of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade – ending the constitutional right to abortion – are the real-world effects the ruling will have.

Senate hearing on youth mental health spurs debate on hormone treatment, disparities for ...

Debate in a Senate committee hearing about the youth mental health crisis grew tense when Sen. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) brought up concerns about hormone treatment for transgender youth. The Committee on Health,

'The need is great': Dallas charitable pharmacy expanding despite rising drug prices

The St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy in Dallas fills nearly 10,000 prescriptions each month at no cost to clients.

US says it has suspended all food aid to Ethiopia after investigation finds supplies were ...

The United States Agency for International Development says it has suspended all food aid to Ethiopia, Africa's second most-populous country, after an internal investigation found supplies intended for needy people were being diverted on a “widespread” scale.

How much longer will smoke from Canada last in CT? Experts explain why it's complicated

Wildfires burning hundreds of miles away in Canada impacted Connecticut’s air quality for a fourth day Thursday, but experts say the worst may soon be over. The poor air quality has been caused by strong winds bringing smoke to the U.

Male masturbation evolved to cut primates’ chance of catching STIs

Masturbation in male primates seems to have evolved to boost reproductive success and cut the chance of getting a sexually transmitted infection, but the picture isn’t so clear for females

Northwell trustees elect first female board chair

The first woman to lead the board is "an incredibly esteemed executive...and passionate about improving the health of individuals and communities," Northwell CEO Michael J. Dowling said.

Pregnant beauty influencer suffers brain aneurysm, in a coma a week before due date

Jackie Miller James, a popular social media influencer, suffered a brain aneurysm last month and remains in a coma.

Wisconsin's GOP-led Legislature to block meningitis vaccine requirement for students

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature on Wednesday plans to take the final step needed to stop Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ administration from requiring 7th graders to be vaccinated against meningitis.

Two new cancer pills show ‘unprecedented’ results in boosting survival rates and ...

Potentially “practice-changing" new breast and lung cancer treatments were announced at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting this week in Chicago, Illinois. Here are details.