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Authorities searching for inmate who failed to return to pre-release center in Boston

Jesus Garcia reported to work Friday morning, but left his assignment, and failed to return with the Boston Pre-Release Center, the state Dept. of Corrections said.

Navajo Nation vows to continue its fight to secure help with water access

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the federal government met its obligations from an 1868 treaty with the Navajo Nation over water, despite upwards of 40% of its members lacking access to clean, running

Freedom Caucus considers booting Marjorie Taylor Greene as infighting comes to head: Report

Conservative firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been named as one of the members of the House Freedom Caucus that could be on the chopping block, according to reports published Friday.

US intelligence report on COVID-19 origins rejects some points raised by lab leak theory proponents

U.S. officials released an intelligence report Friday that rejected several points raised by those who argue COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab, instead reiterating that American spy agencies remain

US special counsel seeks delay to start of Trump documents trial until December

U.S. Special Counsel Jack Smith on Friday asked a federal judge to delay the start of former President Donald Trump's trial on charges of willful retention of classified government records and

Staunch Pro-Trump Lawmaker Admits That Mar-A-Lago Documents Are Of 'Grave Concern'

GOP Rep. Mike Turner, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has previously defended Trump and his mishandling of classified documents.

Republican Ex-Gov. says his party's 2024 presidential contenders are Trump's 'enablers'

Former GOP Marlyand Gov. Larry Hogan minced no words as he described his stance about the field of 2024 White House hopefuls vying to secure the presidential nomination.

Asylum-seekers cry foul after DeSantis transports them to California

Migrants who were transported from Florida to Sacramento, California have gone on the record to share their reactions to the trip.

Trump’s Former Attorney General Says Indictment Is His Own Fault

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said the US has a “very strong” criminal case against Donald Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents and said the former president has himself to blame.

Americans mark Juneteenth with parties, events, quiet reflection on end of slavery after Civil War

Americans across the country this weekend celebrated Juneteenth, marking the relatively new national holiday with cookouts, parades and other gatherings as they commemorated the end of slavery after

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott buses group of migrants to Los Angeles

Texas has bused a group of migrants to Los Angeles, officially adding it to a growing list of so-called "sanctuary cities" targeted by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Would Republicans support Trump in 2024 if he's convicted of crimes? They're split

Congressional Republicans are at odds about whether to support their party’s presidential front-runner Donald Trump next year if he’s convicted of federal crimes.

Abortion, Trump won’t hurt Republican turnout in 2024, says female GOP lawmaker

EXCLUSIVE: A two-term female GOP lawmaker is downplaying the idea that abortion and former President Donald Trump will hurt turnout for Republicans in next year's race for Congress and the White

Biden targets junk fees with executives from Live Nation, SeatGeek and Airbnb

President Joe Biden is hosting executives from Live Nation, Airbnb and other companies at the White House on Thursday to highlight his administration's push to end so-called junk fees that surprise

Biden’s tricky path on trans issues: Forceful but cautious

Biden has boosted transgender rights but stopped short of activists' aims. The measured approach reflects a balance on social issues as he launches his campaign.

Australia politics live: Liberal MP Andrew Bragg calls for inquiry into ‘tawdry ...

What we are finding out now is what the minister knew and why her testimony to the Senate as different from that. There’s a lot of considerations here, I know people are talking about how this information came into the media and certainly the media has a lot of considerations to make.

McCarthy quells conservative blockade of bills but peace could be short-term

Speaker Kevin McCarthy brokered an end Tuesday to a week-long conservative blockade of legislation coming to the House floor, but there are already signs the truce could be short-term.

Shaker Heights voters to see 9.9-mill combined school bond issue/levies on November ballot

The 37 percent cost share from the state -- over $47 million -- is believed to be the highest amount ever offered to Shaker Heights Schools.

House votes to restrict feds from banning or regulating gas stoves

The House on Tuesday voted in favor of preventing the Consumer Product Safety Commission from banning gas stoves and also limiting the safety agency’s ability to regulate the products.

GOP moderates strike back after conservative revolt paralyzes House

Frustrations among moderate House Republicans are bubbling over. A week after a group of mutinous conservatives shut down the chamber floor, GOP moderates struck back, accusing the rebels of

Trump indictment live updates: Trump facing charges in classified docs investigation

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted on federal charges in an investigation into his handling of classified documents, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News. The indictment of

Nate Paul, Austin developer at center of Ken Paxton impeachment, arrested in Travis County

It is not immediately clear what Paul was charged with, but Travis County officials confirmed he was being held in the jail at the request of the FBI. Paxton’s deputies accused Paul of bribing the

Who is Jack Smith, the special counsel tapped to oversee DOJ's Trump probes?

Jack Smith, named special counsel to oversee the DOJ's investigation into former President Trump, is described by colleagues as unafraid to make difficult judgments.

James Watt, sharp-tongued and pro-development interior secretary under Reagan, dies at 85

James Watt, the Reagan administration's sharp-tongued, pro-development interior secretary, has died. He was 85.

Here are the other investigations Trump has to worry about

Donald Trump's legal problems appear to have escalated significantly on Thursday with federal charges over the retention of top secret documents, but investigators aren't done yet. The former