OpenInfra Foundation opens regional hubs in Europe and Asia

The Open Infrastructure Foundation, the open-source foundation that hosts projects like the OpenStack cloud computing platform and Starling X edge computing stack, today announced that it is

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Instagram's Twitter-killer is 'sanely run' and decentralized

Meta's new app, reportedly known as Project 92, takes a page from the new crop of decentralized social networks and leverages Instagram's user accounts.

Apple tries to distance itself from Meta, competition: Don’t call it a headset

Apple (AAPL) debuted its long-awaited Vision Pro on Monday, marking the company’s official entry into the AR/VR headset wars. Just don’t tell Apple that. The company went to great pains to distance

Aqara launches U100 smart lock with full Apple HomeKit support

The Aqara U100 smart lock can be controlled with a passcode, fingerprint, or with Apple home keys, making it a versatile upgrade for your front door.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman: A.I. ’good at doing tasks’ but terrible at doing whole jobs—for now

Your job is more likely to change than vanish as A.I. handles tasks you once did, Altman says, at least in the short term.

Investors take note: Wildfire smoke will spark a surge in East Coast climate tech startups

Next year we might expect anywhere between 30 and 35 new climate tech companies to emerge. Investors take note: Wildfire smoke will spark a surge in East Coast climate tech startups by Tim De Chant or

Life isn't a sci-fi flick - AI isn't going to cause the apocalypse

But we can’t allow fear informed by apocalyptic sci-fi scenarios to stop us utilising it – and we must always remember that behind even the smartest AI is humans. Bernard Marr’s book Future Skills:

Former ByteDance executive says Chinese Communist Party tracked Hong Kong protesters via data

A former executive at ByteDance, the Chinese company which owns the popular short-video app TikTok, says in a legal filing that some members of the ruling Communist Party used data held by the company