SNP: Sunak trashing economy 'wee bit slower' than Truss?

Mhairi Black said UK interest rates were among the highest in the G7 and mortgages rates were rising, despite the claims of economic stability from Rishi Sunak. Oliver Dowden pointed out that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) had upgraded its growth forecast for the UK.

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AI eliminated nearly 4,000 jobs in May, report says

In March, investment bank Goldman Sachs predicted in a report that AI could eventually replace 300 million full-time jobs globally and affect nearly one-fifth of employment — with a particular hit to white-collar jobs often considered automation-proof, such as administrative and legal professions.

The job market held up in May. But the Fed may have already decided to pause

The US labor market picked up momentum in May, once again defying expectations of a slowdown. But Federal Reserve officials are still likely to suspend rate hikes in their upcoming policy meeting because of broader trends pointing to a weakened economy later in the year.

US job growth unexpectedly jumps in May as economy adds 339,000 new positions

The May jobs report released Friday provided a key look at the labor market's health amid the Federal Reserve's aggressive interest rate-hike campaign.

Employers add 339,000 jobs in May, strong growth that defies head winds

For months, employers have churned out jobs at a rate that has baffled economists. And the labor market has propelled the economy through a barrage of forces that would normally weigh on jobs creation.